• File/Metadata
  • Unstructured Data
  • Note/Idea/Goal/Todo
  • Bookmark/Reading List
  • Project/Task/Workflow
  • Timesheet
  • Invoice/Budget
  • Contact Profiling
  • Connected Workspace
  • Getting Started

    Before you start, get to know Metaiss a little. It will help you to harness the power Metaiss applications have to offer. Metaiss is a little different from other applications you have used previously. It is different from even those "all-in-one" applications. Metaiss may look ordinary at first. It offers a suite of software applications that you may have been using already. We at Metaiss try to keep what is familiar to you, things that have been working well for other applications in the same category. But the similarity does not go more than skin deep. Under the hood, Metaiss is very different. It is an efficient product, efficient for you because all of your data is connected in one place. They flow from one application to another, This will provide you a lot of benefits. You can find similar data in different applications, they come from the same source so they can all be trusted. There is no guessing game, no endless searching and matching to make sure data belong together. Different from traditional applications, Metaiss helps you to gather metadata for the work you have done and put these metadata to work for you. Metadata can contain very useful information: such as information about your interests, productivity, budgeting, working relationship with others etc. Through reports and visualizations, you can get to know yourself and your work history a little more and can find room for improvement. In the enterprise edition, managers can use the same means to manage their human resources. But now there is transparency because both the employee and employer have access to the same data. Things can get a lot more objective when review time comes.

    What is Metaiss?

    Metaiss offers a suite of productivity applications. You can perform most of your daily work by using one of its applications. Metaiss applications are aligned with workplace activities and include:

    • File and metadata
    • Unstructured data
    • Note and idea
    • Project and workflow
    • Time and productivity
    • Invoice and budget
    • Contact profiling
    • Connected workspace

    The most basic application is the file management system. It is a file repository and catalog and is shared by all applications within the Metaiss software package. Using this system, you can manage all of your files in one place. A normal software application comes with its own information repository serving that specific application. This repository is usually called a siloed data repository meaning other applications don't have access to this repository. Sometime, API is provided and other software applications can access information stored in this application via an API connection. But there is a big difference between a native repository vs information connected via a API connection. Once extracted, information is no longer real time until the next API extraction. Constant API connection and extraction consumes computing resources, driving up hardware cost. But Metaiss has changed that.

    The Metaiss Difference

    As many digital asset managers had said it, "There is no problem once the asset is put into the DAM system, it is when the information is outside of my system, I have a problem because I have no idea of what is out there and where they are."

    Metaiss' applications are all-in-one applications. There is no data silos. Applications can share information natively, providing a realtime one true source. The biggest achievement is that the Metaiss system can preserve all the metadata and relationship matrix between files as you work. Metaiss is a living context service and file catalog. There is no in the system vs outside of the system, it is continuous throughout the life cycle of all your digital information. There is no need to create another application just to keep track the metadata and relationship of your files or cross link all your files.

    Metaiss is built with the next gen workplace in mind. With managerial over sight and reporting capabilities, a manager can easily keep abreast project status, budgeting and employee productivities.

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  • File/Metadata
    File management

    Metaiss's file management system is built like a DAM system. But unlike most others DAM's, Metaiss uses categorized metadata to describe content.

    Metadata service

    Metaiss provides many preset metadata catagories. Within each metadata catagory, there is no limit how many label/key pair an user can add. Metadata for a group file can only be changed after the file is copied into the personal folder of a team member. The file can be reshared later as a new version with updated new metadata.

    Version control

    Every thing in Metaiss is versioned, even metadata. You can use the system like a CMS, or you can fork it and use it like a DAM.

    Group content

    Metaiss is design to facilitate collaboration. You can create a group repository for all shared files. Shared files are centered around group projects. A folder is setup for each group project and all project related files will be deposited in that folder. All shared files can be copied into a personal folder for downloading or editing of metadata.

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  • Unstructured Data
    Unstructured Data

    Unstructured data is notoriously hard to deal with. It is easy to save, hard to find. Metaiss can be used to build an unstructured data catalog. Metaiss categorized metadata can provide the needed structure for managing unstructured data.

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  • Note/Idea/Goal/Todo
    Note taking

    Note taking is important. Metaiss note taking is designed for easy operation. You can assign five standard metadata at the get-go Notes can be automatically associated with a file or other content when taken within an opened file/content page.

    Idea preservation

    Metaiss provides an easy way for idea capturing and tracking. With our quick five standard metadata assignments, you can preserve and track the status of all your ideas. Easy association helps to keep ideas close to their source.

    Todo list

    Metaiss allows easy goal setting in the form of a todolist. Todolist is also the simplest form of tracking things to be done. Break more complicated tasks into clearer goals and measurable steps helps you to track your workload and performance.

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  • Bookmark/Reading list
    Bookmark management

    You can use Metaiss bookmark service to keep track where, what and when of your where abouts on the world wide web. Digital content life logging was the origin of all that have become of Metaiss today. Our bookmarking service has the full DAM capabilities, perfect for building a life time of rememberance and accomplishments. It is fully integrated with all other Metaiss features so you can use bookmarking to support all other content and work creations within Metaiss.

    Reading list management

    Our bookmarks double as a reading list. Again, with five quick standard metadata assignments, you can keep track of your reading status, add a topic, a subject, tag a privacy or relevancy code to help you remember what content is in you reading list. Add a note, keep track how many hours you have spent on reading it, plus other metadata to keep your resources organized and yourself informed.

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  • Project/Workflow
    Project management

    Metaiss follows the industry standard when it comes to project management. However, depends on the level of complexity involved, a project can have many layers. On the top is the project management layer. It works like a normal project you maybe used to. You can assign a multi-person team using their email addresses, assign roles to each team member, include a start and due date, assign a budget and lastly a list of milestone references including the stages of process a project must go through. After a project is setup, you can provide an outline to each project. Project and its outline is kept apart and can be created and updated separately. Versioning is available for both. Various metadata are also available.

    Assignment management

    Once a project is set up, you can then assign assignments. Assignments work the same way as projects, provide an underlying layer to bigger projects. There are two ways to create an assignment for a project. It can be added while you are in the process of creating a project before you click the finish button; or you can open the project page and navigate to the Add Assignment tab in the right panel on the project page. Either way, an association will be created between the parent project and the child assignment.

    Task management

    Lastly, you can assign tasks to each assignment. Again it works exactly the same way as an assignment but it is the last layer in the multi-layer project management system.


    Design customized workflow using our admin panel. For your CRM needs, you can design sales flow as an admin then let your sales force use it as an approved template to ensure uniformity across your organization.

    Group project

    Group project can be created in the same way as a personal project. All the files uploaded under the project folder or on the project page will be auto-associated with the parent project. The same would work for the files uploaded for assignments and tasks. All files uploaded within the scope of a project will be visible to the whole team. Only the users whose emails you included in the team line on the project creation page will have access to that project. Only team members can view and leave comments for each other's work.

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  • Timesheet
    Time management

    To increase productivity, one can take on a habit of tracking hours spent performing tasks. Metaiss gives users a way to keep track the amount of time they spend on each job or each file they worked on. More importantly, this information can be visualized as a report or plot to help you to stay on top of your time management.

    Timesheet management

    Timesheet can be a part of productivity hack. By formally tracking timesheets, human resources can be transparently managed, employers can turn expense centers into internal profit centers and departments can justify their place in corporate reshuffle.

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  • Invoice/Budget
    Invoice management 

    Invoice management is an important part of any company. Financial information should be a natural part of any work. To have your invoices permanently connected to the jobs done is part of know where everything is, it can ease the pain of any auditing process. It can make internal auditing easier too, having the necessary backup information readily available.

    Budget management 

    Budget information can be a part of a project. By tracking budget, useful financial information can be associated with every job. Over budget or delays are tracked in real time helping companies to be nimble and to stay on top of the game. Cumulative information can be used for future budgeting and planning purposes. Together with time management, these are the two best friends of a corporation when it comes to resources management.

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  • Contact Profiling
    Contact profiling

    Metaiss is a place to manage your contacts. You can use all the available metadata to profile your contacts, from past communications, to their publications, their employment status, shared interests and affiliations, and to how many years you worked together, or where you met or anything special that is worth mentioning can be kept with the contact permanently. Head shot can be uploaded to make your contacts more personal. Everything is versioned and you can go back to review your contact's history for remembrance sake.

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  • Connected Workspace
    Connected workspace

    Most application do not offer enterprise wide connected workspaces for employees and departments. Enterprise can benefit from a vast connected workspaces. Performance management and transparency come first to mind. As sensitive information gets dispersed, connected workspace is the only way for enterprise to track the where abouts of that information. Metaiss' connected workspace is perfect for tracking working files which falls outside of too many content management systems. Metaiss provide multi-tiered workspaces for employees, groups and enterprises. Connected workspaces allow duplications of important metadata such as lineage and provenance. Tiered workspaces also provides workspaces for employees to store sensitive data so their were abouts can be tracked.

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