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Use Cases

Research Data Management

Research data can be very fragmented especially at the idea generation stage. How do you keep track every bit of information you generated or come across and keep them neatly organized. The solution is through timelines, contextual metadata and related files. You can keep a straight line organization or cross reference or link any information you have, give them proper description and add comments as you like. Our mechanism will give you all the options you need to be flexible and structured at the same time. Every idea and thought can be organized before you even realize their importance.

Clinical Trail Data Management

Clinical trail data can take on the most complex forms and relations with all the drug information, patient data and medical history etc. The outcome of the trail can be just as daunting which must take into consideration of a lot of contextual metadata. Our platform would be a good place to sort things out and store all the information and relationship between them together.

Patient Profile Management

As in the data linkage case, our multi-dimensional contextual metadata storage and file linking mechanisms is perfect for building patient profiles. You can build a complete profile for a patient using their personal information and medical history documents. You can also store clinical results as part of the patient profile under medical history.

File Management

If you have many types of files that can belong to multiple folders/projects or they reside on multiple cloud storage platforms, you can aggregate them in one place and manage them centrally using contextual metadata. Or if the normal folder structure and tagging system can not satisfy your needs to keep track of contextual information for your files, you can use our time-lines (whatever you want) and multi-dimensional context building mechanism to save as much description as you want with your files.

Bookmark Management

If you do a lot of research on internet, visual bookmarks can now be managed together with other types of files you have. They are given equal importance as other 'real' files. Group them with your content files as references and keep track what really inspired you.

Content Project Management

For someone with a lot of digital assets: of different types, from difference sources(internal/clients/freelancers), on different platforms; need to be centrally managed, may need to be categorized differently from original categorization.

Marketing Project Management

If you have a large amount of project content status both generated internally and externally that needs to be tracked, or have multiple content creators including freelancers and clients that must be managed centrally. If you have special metadata that must be kept to manage content creators and content alike (such as who is good for what type of content, what content are re-usable, which client prefers which content creator etc.), you would need to use a more robust context creation tool.

Client/Contact Management

For someone with a large list of contacts (clients/freelancers): need to remember who they are, where they met, what they talked about, what the contact is for etc; need a simple way to track important relationship information.
We treat contact information in three ways: (1)one as contextual metadata to other more traditional content (files like presentations, word documents etc.), (2)two as contextual metadata to non-traditional content (a picture of a person or a visual link to a profile) and (3)three as content itself (set contact information as content as in an addressbook) and track its own contextual metadata (when/where you met, good for leads, common hobby etc). The difference between two and three is (2) has contact information as metadata and (3) treats contact information as content. (2) is suitable for tracking your contact's online presence and (3) is for plain addressbook type of contact management. The goal is to have connected data so you have options but no need to duplicate input efforts (not quite finished yet).

Inventory/Billing Management

Use contextual metadata to track inventory and billing information so you can keep important information with the content(/product) (easier to find, no need to go to another software which you may stop using in the future.)

Data Linkage Management

Our multi-dimensional contextual metadata storage mechanism is perfect for data linkage. You can build a complete profile for a person or any object. What can not go into metadata can go into files and you can build file relationships to group related files together even if you move or change the names of files. Our thumbnail view with associated metadata provides visual aid in identifying the content of related files.

Data Lake Management

You can create structured contextual metadata for different types of files (structured, semi- and unstructured and time series) to keep them organized together. For contextual data and time series data analysis, you can use the multi-dimensional structure to save contextual metadata. You can either(1) save the metadata with the raw data file or (2) analyze the data first using another software then save the metadata with the file which contains the output of the analysis. (no AWS S3 access yet.)

About Us

Metaiss is an easy to use context and content management solution, that helps you get the most out of your digital asset. Make a bookmark or import your file links to our platform from any cloud drive to have them conveniently managed in one place. With focus on context building, you can more precisely describe your content and manage all your files in one place regardless type and location. No need to replicate files so you can better organize your content while tracking project and contact information. Combining metadata with a filesystem, you are able to develop useful conclusions, answering the how and why of your content.

Tons of companies give you free storage on their cloud, which is great but it leads to a problem. All your content is now scattered between many proprietary drives, and you have no idea where you moved it or why you put it there in the first place. Cloud aggregators are great but what do you do once you have everything in one place? Combining content, project and contact management capabilities, our context building system is the simplest way to a well managed digital life. In today's world of the compartmentalized cloud, synchronization and organization through Metaiss is a must.

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