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Project and Work Flow Management
Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise Resource Management
Customer Profile and Relationship Management
Enterprise Professional Profile Directory

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Use Cases

Content Production Project Management

Consistently, project managers want more flexibility in ways to set up and manage their projects. Most of project management software lack serious content management features making project content management difficult. Even projects can be difficult to find. Our project/workflow management software focuses on content management and provides the most flexibility. It does not limit the amount of relavent information tracked and can auto-generate context for project content management.

Enterprise Content Management

Our enterprise content management software is the first to have native metadata and project/workflow management features. All project/workflow information are kept as context for content. Users can build context continously through out content's lifecycle, more informaiton is preserved and redundant efforts are eliminated.

Collaborative Content Library

Use our enterprise content management software to build a collabortive content library. Create, edit and publish like wiki pages but with the full power of content management capabilities.

Customer Relationship Management

Our software works perfectly as a CRM tool. It have native contact/invoicing features. All the work you do for a customer and interaction with that customer through content are captured leaving a complete working history associated with your customer.

Enterprise Professional Profile Directory

Our enterprise profile software incorprates native metadata and workflow management features. All the work performed by employees are preserved. As you work, your professional profile is auto-built, preserving your work history.

About Us

Metaiss is an easy to use context and content management solution, that helps you get the most out of your digital asset. Make a bookmark or import your file links to our platform from any cloud drive to have them conveniently managed in one place. With focus on context building, you can more precisely describe your content and manage all your files in one place regardless type and location. No need to replicate files so you can better organize your content while tracking project and contact information plus bookkeeping nuances as context. Combining metadata with a filesystem, you are able to develop useful conclusions, answering the how and why of your content.

Tons of companies give you free storage on their cloud, which is great but it leads to a problem. All your content is now scattered between many proprietary drives, and you have no idea where you moved it or why you put it there in the first place. Cloud aggregators are great but what do you do once you have everything in one place? Combining content, project, bookkeeping and contact management capabilities, our context building system is the simplest way to a well managed digital life. In today's world of the compartmentalized cloud, synchronization and organization through Metaiss is a must.

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